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spinal adjustment pain relief

·  Arthritis
·  Muscle cramps
·  Strains of muscles and tendons
·  Nerve pain
·  Muscle spasms
·  Stiffness
·  Dislocations and fractures
·  Varicose veins of lower extremities
·  Mucusitis after radio-chemotherapy
·  Non-healing wound

Pain Management


The Future of Pain Relief is Here


We use the Medlight 630PRO which treats pain using near-infrared low-level laser technology developed by NASA. Scientific research by NASA has clearly shown that low-intensity laser energy accelerates wound healing and relieves pain.


Medlight 630PRO is a safe, effective, non-invasive alternative to prescription pain medication.  Medlight 630PRO uses a narrow band, near infrared cell to provide the energy needed to fight pain. It eliminates the pain right at the source, increases local circulation, decreases inflammation, and relaxes tense muscles. It can be used  as often as needed because the results add up to promote healing.

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