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Body Wraps


Eliminate bloating, smooth out cellulite, and lose inches instantly and painlessly with our lymphatic body wraps. Our unique, all natural, skin-soothing wraps were developed by scientists from UCLA, and are a great way to lose a few of those stubborn inches and reduce the appearance of cellulite for a streamlined, sexy look. Body wraps work instantly, and are the perfect pick-me-up before a cruise, a class reunion, or any special event: when you look good, you feel good. Give yourself the gift of immediate confidence in an affordable, safe way and shift your focus back to enjoying your life!

At Number One Wellness, our Body Wraps are applied by a trained professional. The application process is quick and painless, and the wraps work to eliminate several factors, including: excess fluids, trapped waste, and cellulite. A series of 3 to 6 body wraps is recommended, with 4-7 days between each wrap session. If you are overweight and on a weight loss program, a wrap is suggested for each 5 to 10 pounds that you lose.

Health Benefits of Body Wraps

·  Encourages increased circulatory and

   lymphatic flow, which helps to flush toxins

   from your body more efficiently

·  Cleansing of trapped wastes in body tissue

·  An average of 4 to 14 inches lost with

   your very first treatment

·  Hydrated, nourished, smooth looking skin

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